AETC Training Center

AETC was established in the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of 2016 by an elite group of specialized experts, based on the best practices, modern concepts and international standards applied in the field of developing and improving the training and educational process with the aim of creating a high-quality educational and motivational training environment. On the culture of creativity and innovation, and the strategic vision of the institutions, which is the desired goal of the process of investing in human capital, so that those institutions and organizations are able to foresee the future and find sustainable, radical solutions to vital issues, and improve competitiveness, in line with the vision of the United Arab Emirates. And because investment in human capital is the supreme, and the main engine for any process of change and development, and from this standpoint we have taken upon ourselves, through an integrated team with experience and high efficiency, to strive to keep pace with global developments to improve the quality of training, educational and advisory services provided through three main axes. It is ( knowledge awareness, innovation, scientific research ) with the aim of developing talent and creativity, achieving global leadership, empowering competencies, building capabilities, enhancing productivity and optimal investment for innovative systems and solutions, so that AETC will be your first choice and your strategic partner in the development process to achieve sustainable growth and promising future visions.