ATLAS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is the best private institution in UAE providing students with a variety of opportunities aiming to advance their education and opening doors for successful future of employment. The distinguished Atlas Group of Institutions was established during the year 1998 and bloomed over four emirates. At AGI, our main focus is on teaching through practical application. Our aim is to generate graduates who are prepared to meet the demands of current and future challenges. Our programs provide students with the required theoretical and conceptual knowledge in their fields while equipping them with relevant practical skills and competencies in order for them to engage completely in their chosen careers. Through our technical, vocational, professional and liberal educational programmes, application of modern communication technologies and adoption of the distance education methodology, we strive towards developing an innovative, flexible and open system of education. An umbrella shielding diverse education we are ably supported with sound investment, state of art laboratory and library while also housing an efficient transport services facilitated by more than 30 buses. AGI’s is facilitated with an inspiring infrastructure and encompass an incredible student strength and pride in being the employer for the noblest profession teaching, accommodating the eminent full-time subject veterans of the industry whose numerical strength boasts a ninety in all who have associated dedicatedly with us staunchly upholding the institute’s policy. We offer a variety of method of delivery of our programs to suit students from all walks of life. In addition to the convenient morning sessions, we also offer evening and weekend sessions to ensure that all students can find suitable study timings. With such flexibility in scheduling, our students can remain employed while completing the program of their choice, gaining both professional and educational experience. All of our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities to enhance students’ experience and ensure optimal learning environment. Our competent and affordable fees and convenient payment plans guarantee accessibility for all applicants and fulfils our aim of providing education to as many students as possible. The distinguished Atlas Group of Institutions was established during the year 1998 and bloomed over four emirates ATLAS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE -Karama Dubai, CAREER CAMPUS -King Faisal Street Sharjah, AGI’s ATLAS INTERNATIONAL FZC -Ras Al Khaimah and INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF LAW BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND TECHNOLOGY- Ajman.