IP Rulers

IP Rulers resolve to be just that – to be crowned as the Rulers in the field of Network and Security. The first of its kind in the international educational hub of Dubai, UAE, IP Rulers are devoted to bringing quite the coup to the table – intensive, comprehensive and cost-effective coaching in all demanding technologies in the fields of networking, network security, cloud services and cyber security, so that by the time all our students earn their certificates, they become experts in their career path. The speciality for IP Rulers is the different modes of training provided: one-on-one, online, classroom-based, private groups, corporate training etc. – there is a list a student can choose from. Coaching can be either Certificate Oriented, where you can learn the complete end-to-end course, or Modular, where any single module can be worked upon, or Vendor-Specific, where you can follow the course provided by distinguished vendors. Whichever mode you choose, our tutors are staunch and dedicated to seeing you through it. All our instructors are profoundly competent in training as well as implementation, with more than ten years’ experience and multiple CCIEs in their fields. They have trained more than five thousand students during their career-time and have produced 300+ successful CCIEs worldwide. The institute has hundreds of success stories and the highest pass-rate in the region. It also has the facilities and infrastructure that include well-equipped racks and labs, and regularly updated technologies, that are vital in providing hands-on experience for the students. The mission of IP Rulers is to provide specialised trainings for helping students climb up their career ladder, be it in single or in groups, vis-à-vis or online. We also aim to eventually establish grounds in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, and software Define Networks.