International Gemological Institute

IGI is one of the major institutions that includes 18 laboratories spread in 10 countries and we examine all kinds of precious stones and jewelry in the world. We also have 14 institutes specialized in providing training courses in this field for those wishing to obtain a diploma . IGI has been at the fore in the field of jewelry since 1975, offering engraving and writing technology, as well as grading and certification of jewelry, and on the other hand, we offer training courses and educational programs for beginners and to enhance the expertise of specialists if they want it. IGI is genuinely committed to attending to the needs of its customers and uses state-of-the-art technology during its inspection and classification processes . The reports that we issue from our laboratories are distinguished by being very thoughtful, clear and easy to understand, as they are internationally acclaimed and recognized within the description criteria for excellence. Today, our institution is the most trusted in the specialized objective evaluation of precious stones and jewelery.