HNI Training & Coaching

HNI Training & Coaching, a Dubai based training and consultancy organisation, is an innovator and leader in human capital development, providing world-class corporate training solutions and services in English and Arabic to organisations in the Middle East and North Africa. In a short span of time, HNI Training & Coaching has become one of the leading regional players in training and development. We have a wide array of soft-skills development programmes for all organisational levels – from management all the way to front-line employees. We do not provide, nor support, the typical mundane class-room training delivery. Our training takes interaction to another level. We provide only experiential, inspirational, practical, power-packed learning experiences based on behavioural competencies. Participants gain hands-on skills during the sessions, ensuring that knowledge is truly gained and retained. Our learning and development solutions are highly customisable, thoroughly researched and designed specifically for the Middle East & North Africa. We take great pride in always being rated as the Best Training Partner, by our clients. Our continued success is attributed to our loyal, quality-driven customers and their recommendations to businesses region-wide. With a strong foothold in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain and other Emirates of the UAE, we also provide bilingual training solutions in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, with plans to expand further. There is really no stopping us!