HDTC Center

The training services we have provided to thousands of professional employees during our march since the establishment of HDTC is the source of our confidence and pride. The benefit from the training programs for the development and training of human resources has spread to nearly 5,000 employees that have been provided in multiple countries and capitals. Our mission is to create measurable added value in our clients' organizations through human resource development and the provision of innovative and practical solutions. HDTC is distinguished by its vital role in the field of consulting and management studies, and is ready to provide support to ambitious enterprises in the Gulf region, the Middle East and Africa. HDTC has a team of highly qualified experts, all of whom are passionate about serving enterprises and ready to provide innovative solutions in various business fields, meeting the needs of both government sectors, companies and small and medium enterprises. HDTC also enters into partnerships with international institutions at the local, regional and international levels, to bring many insights and information on the business sector from all over the world, to provide the best services.