SMEC Educational Institute

SMEC Educational Institute is promoted by visionary educationist Mr.Saiju, the founder of the group. The group started with a vision to spearhead the services in the marine industry. SMEC Automation Private Limited, India, was the first brainchild of the vision. It was followed by SMEC Marine Solutions LLC in Dubai and SMEC Automation Pte, Singapore. Soon the company expanded globally. The Research and development wing of SMEC, the SMEC Labs which was constituted to develop CRG (core resource group) engineers to cater to the needs of SMEC Automation Pvt Ltd had envisioned establishing a training wing. SMEC Labs emerged as a company that has trained and placed more than 68,000 students alongside providing SMEC Automation Ltd great pool of engineers. SMEC Educational Services, was established in Dubai in 1995 as Everest Educational Institute with an ambition to fulfill the vision statement of catering to the educational needs of students from KG to PG. The institute trained thousands of students ensuring best results in various entrance exam patterns in the demography. As on Today SMEC is present in Cochin, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Calicut, Nagarcovil, Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore, Vishakapatnam, Thane, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, NAIROBI, FRANCE, USA etc. The institution is academically advised and supported by Mr.Muralidhar, a pioneer educationist with over 4 decades of experience. The team of staff is led by Mr.Manjunatha Rangaraju, one of the youngest principals in India and a well-known Mathematics resource person in Bangalore.