EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions

The beginnings of EduBrisk are humble, beginning from a rented room at Kochi, Kerala, where five pioneers of the company toiled. EduBrisk has grown by leaps and bounds since then, with the EduBrisk Movement gaining momentum, thanks to the untiring efforts of Scientists, Educationists, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Child Psychologists, Parents, Teachers and even Children. The company now employs nearly 200 Professionals and has established Knowledge Hubs at Kochi, Bengaluru and the Middle East. The prospects of growth received a fresh impetus, when Clairvoyant, USA, Emerge Ventures, Singapore, Feathersoft Info, The Chairman of Xotic Ventures and the Chairman of SciGenom, USA invested in the company. EduBrisk now provides Brain-friendly Educational Solutions to Schools and Students by way of Signature Workshops and a state-of-the-art Digital Learning Platform. The Core Principle of EduBrisk is ‘BUILD’, namely, Brain Utilisation in Learning and Development, which allows Students to harness their inherent learning potential.