Edraak Management Training

Edraak Management Training Center seeks to provide distinguished services in the field of training and consultations, by harnessing all material and human capabilities to achieve smart and effective training for the development of human resources as it is one of the tributaries of sustainable development. Whereas, training is a strategic option for any party looking to prepare human cadres capable of meeting the needs of the labor market and keeping pace with the rapid developments and changes that occur in the fields of work, and it is considered supportive and supportive of the capabilities of employees, which guarantees them compatibility with these changes. Idarak for management training relies in the performance of its mission on the principle of forming a continuous and fruitful relationship with governmental and private institutions and bodies, building bridges of communication inside and outside the United Arab Emirates, to establish the elements of success for trainees, and seeks to reach them to the integration of experience, the integration of knowledge and the development of personal competencies by enhancing knowledge They receive in theory and link it to practical reality and qualify them to have bright roles in their work and lives that are commensurate with their practical and scientific experiences to participate in the making of the nation's future, and this is a responsibility that requires everyone to work hard, commitment and creativity.