Development Institute for Science & Computer (DISC)

Development Institute for Science & Computer, known as “DISC” is a training center located in the center of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Throughout the decades, we have proven an excellent profitability level and growth rate in terms of the number of delegates studying in the UAE and outside the country. Our competitive edge along with new training techniques puts DISC at the forefront of training services. We are living in an age where computer knowledge is a must and the market for computer training services is booming. Our training center will differ from the traditional computer training services (usually offered by colleges and universities) because of our added personal touch. Development Institute had provided a broad range of diversified professional Training methods, supported by a well-qualified and experienced team of teachers, consultants, marketing and training management professional’s resource. Consequently, we always have training course supervision, and providing the ideal consultancies and recommendations that have assured continued success to all courses we have been involved in.